Zoning Committee Hearing July 27

Last night, July 27th, the community met to discuss the development plans for the former James’s Gate property.  We are pleased by the overwhelming sense of community displayed by attendees, and the willingness of the developers to listen to the community as they continue to revise their development plans for both 14-16 McBride St. (the parking lot) and 5 McBride St. (the James’s Gate building).  The James’s Gate Cooperative will continue to post updates about future hearings, and we would encourage all to attend those meetings and be heard.

The James’s Gate Cooperative is committed to opening a community owned bar at the site of the former James’s Gate restaurant on McBride St. in Jamaica Plain. The motivation is not just about a bar, but rather the formation of a cooperatively owned and managed establishment that strives to uphold values of democracy, equality, self-responsibility, solidarity, and the formation of a sense of pride and place in one’s community.

As such, we take issue with any development proposal that runs contrary to these values or is otherwise inconsistent with the open and inclusive fabric of our community.

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