JPNDC Development 101 Workshop

Thank you to those who attended last night’s Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Development Corp. (JPNDC) Development 101 Workshop, and our James’s Gate Cooperative information session which immediately followed (and no worries if you couldn’t attend – Thursday evenings are tough enough for many, not to mention the sweltering heat).  The JPNDC Workshop was extremely informative about how the development process works and how the community can express their thoughts or concerns about a project in their community.
We’ll be holding additional meetings soon, but it became apparent last night that we need to have a meeting focused on the needs and concerns of those residing in the immediate vicinity of the James’s Gate building (McBride St., Call St., etc.). There are already some great neighborhood groups in that area, and so we’ll be reaching out to them in an effort to gather the community in one place.  All are welcome, even if you don’t live in the immediate vicinity, and place and time will be posted soon.
Finally, I’m really excited that this is truly turning into a cooperative economics movement that is not just about one business, but rather the future of JP as a whole. We’ll be sure to keep that energy going while not losing focus on the immediate goal, which is the James’s Gate space.

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